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Radio JingleS

•Brand name

•Brand or show slogan

•Any interesting features or sales that you might have


In essence our radio jingles will help build your story and then watch as it explodes to the world. Work with us, the jingle maker you an trust.


Music Money PR radio commercials and custom jingles can transform the online branding and reputation of any company, radio show or TV advertisement. Catchy commercial jingles separate the market leaders from the also-rans.

If you are a company, radio show or artist who knows what they want, order here now;



Allow us to show you the professional quality that we can offer your company for one amazing price, with our exclusive radio jingles samples.


Here's our catchy commercial jingles for industry leaders American Express;

Now this luxurious jingle production combines everything you get when you place an order right now. Fully scripted jingle production, 100% royalty free music. Exclusivity for your brand.  You will receive a fully mixed and mastered jingle complimentary with each and every order. Our gift to you our loyal customers. Want custom FX? Simply add them to your package.


As another bonus we can create 100% royalty free music for you too! Curtesy of our in-house super producer Amnediel Beatz who has production credits the world over.


No drab stock music, each piece created just for you. Now you need this guys, this is what sets us apart in the industry, we can do it all under one roof. Order this bundle with the jingle package that suits you best. We offer boutique jingles at affordable prices.  


Amazing right? Purchase your catchy commercial jingles below and revolutionise your business.


When you work with #MusicMoney you not only get DJ jingles in a clear, concise manner with our British female voice talent… You get the personal, professional concierge service that we has set us apart in the music industry. If you would like something along the lines of the Maybach Music girl sound, we can also fulfil this with custom sound FX or production. Whatever your needs, rest assured our jingle production team will deliver.


Radio commercials from Music Money PR also sell your brand message;


Giving you a new way to laser target your audience.


You also get to work with the only viral marketers and audio engineering professionals in the music and radio advertising industry. We script and produce every element of your project; We know business and advertising inside out including all of the regulations that have to be met to receive industry approval. And after 10,000 advertising jingles sold, we know how to script and voice a remarkable custom radio jingle for you right now. One that accentuates all that’s good about what you have to offer.



It’s time to purchase the best investment any company can make.


As soon as you buy, you get not only the satisfaction of having the best voice over talent in the world working with you, but you will be part of our voiceover service that;

-Is played on 1000’s of radio shows and TV advertisements across the globe on a weekly basis.


-Captivates your audience.


-Builds brand awareness.


-Knows how to sell and drive fans and leads.



We listen to your requirements and create jingles custom to your needs and we make sure you are 100% happy with the final product.


Order now and let us be your jingle maker today.



The Process; What YOU have to do;


IT’S AS EASY AS 1,2,3;

1)Place your order.

2)Let us know what your script is, or whether you would like us to create one for you. Now please, be as detailed as possible here guys. We can make something much more powerful if you let us know some details about your company and the sort of feel you would like to go for (serious, excited, professional casual etc.). Simply include this on the notes on our order form.

3)If you have any further details you would like to add after you place your order that is not a problem at all – our team is on hand 24/7 to provide customer support and make sure you get the perfect radio jingle. Music Money PR will give you the brand power we all need to grow and engage. If you need to discuss anything with us, please utilise the contact page here.


What you can expect


What WE do for you;

In 5 working days our dedicated jingle production team will turn your ideas into reality. We will email you your finished custom jingles to your email address in full WAV quality. This means in only 5 working days you will have mixed and mastered audio to iTunes standard. Sounds like a great package? Order now and we can give you something remarkable to boost your position in the market and set yourself apart.


If you want to make any changes we offer free revisions on all orders. We want you to be as happy as the 1000’s of other clients that have voted Music Money PR the best jingle maker in the UK.


Commercial jingles

The potential to make money through radio jingles is extremely powerful. Did you know that more people tune into radio and TV adverts daily across the globe then see advertisements on social media?


Think how powerful that fact is...

Jingles offer instant brand awareness, marketing and remarketing possibilities that will make this an investment you NEED to have.


Now let us tell you a bit more about what you will get as soon as you order your radio jingles...

Every one of our commercial jingles are treated with the upmost importance and each project is mastered to iTunes standard, which is so important when you are creating commercial jingles for radio or TV. Without this your jingle won’t make it online like many cheap radio jingle alternatives out there. Our in-house jingle production team have years of experience after creating famous jingles for the last 5 years.


Here are 3 knockout reasons to buy today!


1. Every jingle is recorded by our professional English voice artist Luna. Her commercial jingle production is the best in the industry, bar none. Luna’s catchy commercial jingles clients include the likes of Heart FM and the BBC so when you order you will be joining illustrious company.


2. You will be working with the biggest company in the music industry who really are the best in the business when it comes to radio commercials and radio jingles.


Click below, choose the package that best suits your needs and we will do the rest.


Celebrity clients,

1 million followers,

100% royalty free

2 million website hits monthly.

Do not settle for an inferior radio jingle.

Opt for the #1 provider of custom radio jingles with the best radio commercial specialists out here… Providing brand awareness to your niche and explosive marketability for one incredible price. It’s a no brainer. Our DJ jingles are like nothing you’ve ever heard and ordering will give your radio station, brand or show a real edge. Advertising jingles have been a marketing staple for years, and our top jingle writer is here to help you make your niche more profitable.


3. We work with you to script your radio jingles. If you have a script that you want us to read; that's great too. If you want us to write it - we can certainly do that and come up with something that represents your brand or show in a special way. Catchy jingles are our speciality and unlike any other jingle maker we don’t charge extra for script writing. As you can tell from our radio jingles samples above, we can elevate your product, show or brand. Order now.


1 simple purchase... 1 lifetime of use.


Radio jingles are one of the most important branding opportunities that your company, business or radio programmer can engage in SO BUY STRAIGHT AWAY AND Music Money PR will give you Commercial jingles that;


*Stand out.


*Drive business.


*Make an audience remember your name or brand.


*Convert customers and leads.


*Stand the test of time.




The Radio jingle - unlock a world of possibility at your fingertips.



Radio commercial


As an ever growing form of advertising, the classic radio commercial is almost undefeated in its conversion rates. How else could you reach that many people in less than 30 seconds? With radio advertising costs being small, business-friendly, and always needed as part of your marketing, our advertising jingles and commercial jingles are the perfect option to take your company or radio profile to the next level.

We are ready to work with you, are you ready to change your company's profile forever and partner with Music Money PR?


A radio jingle is the most common way that companies and shows separate themselves from the competition and develop their own story, brand, and reputation through short radio advertisement. Audio branding is every bit as important as visual branding.


DJ Jingles


As many of you are aware, we are the #1 music marketplace online, selling everything from DJ drops and mixtape covers to music promotion packages. DJ jingles have formed a huge part of our portfolio over this period. Our DJ jingles packages are perfect for your radio show introduction, and can be bought as a standalone product or used alongside our custom DJ drops.

As soon as you order your DJ jingles, the jingle production process starts straight away. Whether you have an idea or would like our team to create something and help you along the way to creating a dynamic and successful radio commercial, we have you covered. We have worked with every genre in the music industry.

Branding…pushing you to be bigger, is what we do best.

Order your DJ jingles now and we can take your show, product, company or DJ mix to the highest standard you will find anywhere in the world.


A custom radio jingle package from Music Money PR is the best investment you will make this year.


Sit back and allow is to tell you why radio jingles are the greatest radio and television advertising tool in the world, and why we are the most popular advertising jingles service globally. Drive insane amounts of traffic and leads with Music Money PR right now. 1 million fans. 1000’s of TV and radio placements for our commercial jingles… Only 1 Music Money PR.


"Amazing work. I will be back to build with you.

Much appreciated exposure" @StLukeTheKING

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